No matter how hard the past, You can always begin again


Please join with us over zoom for meditation weekdays 8pm to 9pm. Meeting ID: 199 124 600 Password: 096513

For the Highest Form of Human Intellect

We are a Buddhist temple established in 2010, and we are at the service of the community. Come and pray with the monks, attend our special events or just spend a quiet moment in front of our Buddha Statue. You are going to experience an internal moment of peace and joy.
Ven. Shantha Sobhana

Venerable Shantha Sobhana

Venerable Master Shantha Sobhana is a Buddhist monk with 25 years of experience in meditation and healing techniques, who has also been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 15 years. He has international experience including China, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Europe, India and Sri Lanka.

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